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First PMDG747 QOTS II paints available

Today arrived the first PMDG747 QOTS II paints to our FSX/P3D paint library.  Enjoy N322SG and N263SG   .  Thank You  Bodo!


New LevelD Sim 767-300 Paints

We add the first two pax 767-300 with winglets,  N645GT and N649GT created by Bodo Müller, to our FSX/P3D paint library . 
Bodo, Thank You very much for your effort!


New Recruiter

Congratulations to Joseph Chamberlain, our very first Recruiter!

Joseph will scour the flight sim web drumming up interest and attracting new members to GCVA.  He will also develop promotional materials to help promote the VA.

If you have any suggestions for Joseph, please don't hesitate to email him at rectruit@globecargova.org


Southern Air 777 Entering Operations in September

Southern Air 777 is entering GC operations in September 2016.  Schedules have been updated and flights will be available to bid on in the September bid cycle.  Repaints of 4 of the 5 SOO 777's are ready to be downloaded from the FSX/P3D repaints page.


Corporate Jet

We have an exciting addition to GC.  We have purchased a corporate jet!  Visit this post for all the details of N500GC.


Majestic Software Q400 Available

The Majestic Software Q400 is now available for departure.

View the forum post here for more information: Forum Post


New Teamspeak Server Information!

We have a new Teamspeak Server. All Information regarding the new Server is stated in the Forum. Our old Teamspeak Server goes offline at 2015-09-29.


Pilot Manual Revision 02

Revision 02 of the Pilot Manual is available via Crew Center/Manuals/Pilot Manual.

Note that revision 02 does not contain change bars indicating the changes that were made.  We apologize for the lack of the feature in this revision but will be present in future revisions.


GCP 3.0.2 Release

GCP 3.0.2 is available for download.  

Visit the forum post for full details and the change log: http://www.globecargova.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=6171


Management Changes effective Nov 1st !

We have some changes at management next weeks. The position of Chief Pilots is closed effective today. Please Welcome John Waugh as Fleet Manager and Mike Brogan as Fleet Advisor! The Fleet Manager is similar to Senior Chief Pilot. Mike Brogan as Fleet Advisor will be going to the different aircraft AddOn sites and keeping us up to date via the forum of news on those addons and will be point of contact for members with questions about the model itself.
At HR Department please Welcome Jason Thompson as Assistant Director HR! Director HR and Assistant Director HR immediately will take care all members.
All changes are effective Nov 1st! Manuals will be updated soon.



GCVA has been certified as a VATSIM Authorized Training Organization. Currently we are able to provide the P1 rating which is the “VATSIM Online Pilot” certification and deals with getting everyone on-line on VATSIM. 

The P1 course is available to any member in GCVA that is a non-provisional pilot.  In order to enrol, you can go to our new training page at www.globecargova.org/Training/TrainingCenter.php


New Pilot Manual Available

The Pilot Manual has been revised and completely reformatted to the new GC manual standard.

The new Pilot Manual is available at Crew Center > Manuals > Pilot Manual.

Please take the time to review the new manual.


Application opens 2014-03-01

We accept new application beginning from 2014-03-01. Stay tuned - see you in the air!


New Teamspeak Server

We have a new Teamspeak Server. All Information regarding the new Server is stated in the Forum. Our old Teamspeak Server goes offline at 2013-11-30.


777LR - Passenger - Repaints Available

Repaints for the 777LR - Passenger version - for Titan Airlines is available for download on the FSX repaints page.  FSX only. 

Refer to THIS POST for important information regarding the installation difference between the LR and F models.


777F Repaints Available

The 777 Freighter repaints are available on the FSX repaints page.  FSX only.


New Asia/Australia Region Manager

Please welcome Jason Thompson as our new Asia/Australia Region Manager!


GCP 3.0.0 Released

GCVA is pleased to announce the arrival of GCP version 3.  Read the full details on the Globe Cargo PIREP forum: http://www.globecargova.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f


New Director of Human Resources

Volker Jacob has been selected as the new Director of Human Resources.


747-8 Repaint Available

The first 747-8 repaint is available on the repaints page. The repaint is N850GT and for FSX only.


Chief Pilots and Assistant Chief Pilots WANTED

Globe Cargo Virtual Airlines is currently in the process of further developing the Flight Operations Department and we are looking to recruit additional members of the Team. Please visit the Job Postings section of the Forum for more details.


Announcing Titan Airlines and PMDG 737NGX

We have officially announced the addition of Titan Airlines and PMDG\'s 737-800NG. For full details proceed to this: Forum Post


N416MC Repainted

Bodo has completed the conversion of N416MC from classic Polar colors to the new Polar/DHL hybrid colors. The repaint is available now for download for FS9 and FSX.


New Senior Chief Pilot

GCVA is very pleased and very excited to announce our new Senior Chief Pilot, John Waugh. To read a little about John and the significance of his position, go to this forum post: Forum Post


Livery Update

Bodo has been hard at work again, this time providing us with new liveries and one updated livery.

The updated livery is N452PA. The update puts this aircraft in the same Polar/DHL hybrid colors as N451PA.

The new liveries are: N475MC, N476MC, N477MC for 747-400\'s and N640GT and N650GT for LDS 767-300.

A special note about N650GT, it is in full DHL colors marking a return of the yellow and red to the Globe Cargo family.


Captain Sim 767 Joins the Fleet

The Captain Sim 767 may now be used on GC 767 routes. For more information, go to this forum post: CS767 Post


The World′s Most Extreme Airports - GC Events Series

GC Events has announced the return of our own sponsored events. The first flight kicks off an entire series of group flights starting off with KDEN-KSAN. The series is based on The History Channel′s show on the 10 most extreme airports in the world.

There are two posts available now on the GC Events forum, the first being the general announcement of the series and the second is the announcement with details of the first leg of the series. The second announcement also includes the Flight Document for the first leg.

Please join us on this exciting series of flights!

Series Announcement Post
Flight #1 Post


TeamSpeak 3 Server Change

We\'ve changed TeamSpeak 3 servers. View the forum announcement: Announcement Post

View the new login information: Login Information Post

Both posts contain important information about the new server and logging in. Please review this information.


First Atlas 767 Arrives on Property

Atlas has taken delivery of their first passenger configured 767. The first tail number is N641GT. Bodo has recreated this new livery and is now available on our repaints pages for FS9 and FSX.


N451PA’sNew Clothes

N451PA has a new livery in the real world and now also in the simulated world. The new paint is a hybrid between PAC and DHL and was painted on DHL\'s request. Other airlines who have aircraft dedicated to DHL also have this style of livery. Kitty Hawk is one of those other airlines for example.

The new paint is available on the repaints page for FS9 and FSX. Enjoy!


767: Now with Winglets!

N607TA is available on the FS9 and FSX repaints page. This new aircraft comes fitted with winglets (LDS winglet patch required). Look for available Titan flights utilizing this new aircraft soon.


Three New 744 Repaints

Bodo has again been hard at work! There are three new repaints available for the PMDG 747-400. The new aircraft are N458MC, N459MC, and N194UA. 458 and 459 are BCF models and for PMDG they must be installed in the passenger model, not freighter. N194UA was obtained from United Airlines and is a passenger aircraft. (shown left)

All three aircraft are real and being operated by Atlas Air and are sporting the Atlas Air colors. The repaints are available for FS9 and FSX by going to Aircraft->Information->Repaints and selecting your sim version.


Titan Division Scaled Back

The Titan division has been scaled back to a level more aligned with the original intent of the division. Go to this forum post to read the details: VIEW POST


Hall of Fame Pages

New Hall of Fame pages are available for viewing. The pages are located at Crew Center->Hall of Fame.

View the forum post for more information: Forum Post.


Hours Club Achievement Awards

Tomas has completed an upgrade to our Hours Club achievement award process.

Until now, the Hours Club administration was entirely manual, causing us to get far behind in recognizing your accomplishments. The system is now automatic and is run every night.

For more information and details, go to this Forum Post.


GCPv2.3.3 Available

Globe Cargo PIREP v2.3.3 is now available on the Downloads page.

There are many changes and additions. Read the forum post for a complete list of changes:Forum Post


TeamSpeak Server Upgraded

The TeamSpeak server was upgraded to TeamSpeak 3. Your TS2 client which worked on our previous server will no longer work with the GC server.

Please upgrade your client to TS3. You may still have installed and use TS2 on the same machine if you need it for a server other than GC.

Read the details: Forum Post


New Charter System

A new charter system has been released.

Most of the system is improved behind the scenes in terms of automation. There are some significant improvements in the user side such as being able to reset your own flight.

For the full details, read:Forum Post


Atlas Air Passenger Operations

The April schedule as arrived in our inbox and we are pleased to announce that passenger service will begin on April 19th.

Thanks to Bodo for painting the two aircraft which are complete and will be made available shortly before the first flight on the 19th. The repaints are available for FS9 and FSX.

The flights are operated exclusively between IAH (Houston, TX: KIAH) and LAD (Luanda, Angola: FNLU).

Look for these flights on the bid for April. The flights are very limited so they will go fast!


Globe Cargo PIREP v2.3.2

The new update to GCP is now available on the Downloads page.

Go to the GCP forum for the full list of fixes and enhancements.


December 2009 Newsletter

The December 2009 newsletter is available for viewing. Go to Company->Newsletters->December 2009 for your reading pleasure.

My congratulations go to our new Editor, Steven Joppich, for breathing new life into the newsletter and producing a professional looking newsletter. A job well done!

If you have comments or suggestions, please don\'t hesitate to contact Steven at editor@globecargova.org.


Polar/Atlas FSX Repaints Available

All of the repaints for the PMDG 747-400F in Polar and Atlas colors are available.

The repaints are the same as what\'s available for FS9.

Go to Aircraft->Information->Repaints->FSX to download these repaints now.

UPDATE: Polar/Atlas FSX repaints pulled from server at Bodo\'s request. He is working on FSX specific repaints for these rather than imported from FS9 repaints.


Titan Aviation Launched

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Titan Aviation. Titan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Air World Wide Holdings and operates as an aircraft leasing company. GC is operating Titan as a replacement to DHL.

The launch of Titan brings with it two new additions to the fleet. First is the long awaited PMDG MD11 and the RFP 747-300.

Please visit the News forum for more information:


Surprise Fleet Addition

We have in store for you a surprise addition to our fleet! Along with the Titan/MD11F release, you will also be getting a 747-300SF!

The 747-300SF is for RFP in FS9 only, sorry FSX-ers. Ralph, the founder of this VA and developer of RFP, has given us permission to host this never before made public model. There are no panel enhancements, just a 747-300 visual model. The 747-200 and 747-300 cockpits are very similar so the aircraft is still operated realistically.

The "Classic" fleet will consist of two 747-200's (N301TA, N302TA) and two 747-300SF's (N330TA, N331TA).

Thanks to Bodo Mueller for bringing this hidden model to our attention and painting it up in Titan green.


Titan Aviation and New Addition to the Fleet

Globe Cargo management is very excited to announce a major change to the VA. This change is two fold.

First, I would like to introduce a new division, Titan Aviation. Titan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and operates as an aircraft leasing company. Some of you may have figured out that we had something in store for you when the closing of the DHL division was announced.

That\'s not all! Equally exciting is the second announcement. The image on the left should be in view by now (if it isn\'t, wait a few more seconds.) Need I say more?.

For a much more detailed announcement, please visit the News forum. There are other items associated with these announcements that should also excite you.


DHL aircraft put into storage in the California desert

Our first group of DHL aircraft has been taken out of service and is currently being flown to the California desert for storage. Two 767s (N509AX and N703AX) have already arrived. This process will continue until all DHL aircraft are removed from our fleet.


Globe Cargo PIREP v2.3.0

Announcing the immediate availability of GCP v2.3.0. Full details can be read on the News forum here: http://www.globecargova.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4161 There are two important steps to do before installing this new version. They are: 1. Delete GCP.ini by opening GCPv2.2.5, go to Tools->Clear/Delete->GCP.ini. 2. Uninstall GCP v.2.2.5 via the Control Panel. Once those two items are complete, proceed with the GCP v2.3.0 installation.


DHL Contract Renewal, Pt 2

It is with regret that we have to inform you that negotiations with DHL have indeed taken a turn for the worse. Globe Cargo was informed early this morning of DHL's intention to cancel the contract with us. This is effective October 31st. After this date our aircraft committed to DHL will be removed from service and returned to the leasing company.


DHL Contract Renewal

After intense negotiating with DHL, Globe Cargo has been unsuccessful in obtaining a renewed contract. In the event negotiations continue to fail, don't expect to see DHL continuing to be a part of Globe Cargo beyond the end of next month.


Improved News Section

We have implemented a new feature that will make it easier for us to publish news about Globe Cargo on this page. This should help us keep the front page updated more frequently and encourage our pilots to visit this section on a regular basis.


Boeing 757-200F Operations

Today the B757-200F officially commences operation with Globe Cargo. We have selected the CS757 and PSS 757 models for our operation. The tail numbers have been entered in our online database but there are special instructions to complete before using the 757 with GCP.

In the coming days you will start to see an adjustment in DHL operations. In the real world, the 767 is operated in the US almost exclusively and the 757 operated in other parts of the world. DHL operations will be adjusted to match, mostly, this difference between our existing operations and the real world operations.

The tail numbers added to our fleet are real DHL (colors) 757's with RR engines.

For GCP users only:
1. open GCP, go to Tools->Add...
2. Select Aircraft Type.
3. Fill in the information requested on the form. The critical part is to enter "752F" as the aircraft ICAO type. Without this being correct, tail numbers will not be loaded and you will be unable to submit a pirep using the 757.
4. Select "Yes" to the aircraft being operated by Globe Cargo, also required to submit pireps.
5. Check multi-engine and Turbine.
6. Close GCP and reload.

A succesful addition will be shown by selecting Other flight, Boeing 757-200F for the type, and having about 6 tail number available in the dropdown box. If there are no tail numbers there, the ICAO code for the aircraft is incorrect, go through the Add Aircraft Type form again and be sure to enter "752F" as the ICAO code for the type.


Angle of Attack (AoA) Discount

Globe Cargo members may now obtain a 10% discount and any AoA product. This discount is not limited to training products of aircraft operated by GC.

AoA Productions is a premier virtual aviation training company. Their products are top-notch and highly recommended. Current products are LDS767 and PMDG747-400. Work is currently being done on a PMDG MD-11 package.

Go to Pilots->AoA Discount (here) to view instructions to obtain the discount. All steps, while not complicated, must be followed, particularly creating an account.

Soon a graphic will be placed on the left column of this page that will also take you to the instruction page.


Upgrading to Captain

A new process for upgrading to captain has been implemented. Pilots must now submit a request form to indicate interest in upgrading. A 50 question exam must be passed before achieving the rank of Captain.

For full details view the NOTAM published on the forum:

Upgrade NOTAM


Events Coordinator: Bozhan Özsoy

Globe Cargo is pleased to announce the promotion of Bozhan Özsoy to Events Coordinator.  Bozhan will bring to GC an active events department with the first fly-in already planned.  Go to the Globe Cargo Events forum for details of our first event to be held on Nov. 30th from CYYZ to KBOS.

Bozhan may be reached at events@globecargova.org.


Hall of Fame Program Reinstatement

Beginning in January 2009 our Hall of Fame program will return. The HOF program is intended to recognize members who have demonstrated through PIREPs that they take flying for GC to the next level.

There will be some changes to the program. Eligible pilots must be a member of GC for at least 6 months. Additionally, the eligible pilot must have at least 3 pireps submitted within the previous 3 months.

There will be a HOF inductee every quarter (4x per year). The winner will receive a golden wings image (left) on the roster, a certificate to hang on the wall, and will be asked to provide some words to be published on the forum and/or newsletter as well as a picture if at all possible.

The first period will begin January 2009 with the first induction occuring early in April.


Director of Human Resources: Ralf Wawrzyniak

Ralf has accepted and begun training as our new Director of Human Resources. Ralf is a Finance Manager at a construction company in Scotland. We are excited to have him onboard the management team.

The Director of Human Resources duties are changing to take a more active role primarily to assist our new members still on probation and to help keep the roster free of inactive pilots. For our new pilots, Ralf will be your point of contact and he will guide you all the way through the probation period so there's no chance of termination due to incomplete probation items. That is, of course, unless the pilot fails to complete those items which would be due to inactivity.

Ralf can be reached at hr@globecargova.org.


LDS 767

Globe Cargo is proud to present the LDS 767 to our fleet! This is a very well designed model which other FS modellers strive to reach the same quality. LDS is the only 767 approved for GC operations.

Globe Cargo remains a Polar/Atlas Air VA operating 747's. Thru our DHL operation we provide a variety in aircraft and flights.

To kickoff this exciting news we have organized a landing competition with the winner operating the very first 767 flight for Globe Cargo. Go to the forum for more details.



Official Globe Cargo checklists are available for download. Thanks to Michael Swannick for adapting his popular checklists to Globe Cargo.

The checklists are in the download section and are available for ATR-500, 727-200, 747-200, and 747-400.



Globe Cargo is very pleased to announce, for the first time in nearly two years, a new edition of the GCVA newsletter.

The newsletter will be published monthly with articles by the admin staff, member profiles, and other informative and interesting sections. You may view the pdf by going to Company->Newsletter. Several past newsletters will be archived here and will remain accessible for some time.

While the January 2008 edition is very well done, we are always looking for improvements so please feel free to let us know your ideas by posting in the suggestion forum.



Globe Cargo PIREP v2.1

Globe Cargo PIREP v2.1 is now available. Numerous issues have been fixed and some new features added.

New features are abilitity to operate completely offline, display position on the websites FSACARS flight map, and log the flight in a logbook. Please note that this version does not display a logbook but flights that are logged in this version will show up in a future version that can display the logbook.

The error that caused loaded flights to stop logging has been found and fixed.

Uninstall your old version of GCP (go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs) before installing this version.


VA Hangar

Globe Cargo is now listed at VA Hangar (www.vahangar.com). VA Hangar is a rapidly growing site for virtual airline information. The virtual airline forum was shutdown at VATSIM and VA Hangar comes recommended as a replacement forum.

Stop by VA Hangar soon and vote for Globe Cargo as your favorite virtual airline! Voting requires free registration.


Globe Cargo PIREP v2

Globe Cargo PIREPv2 is now available for download. GCPv2 is a complete rewrite and contains some exciting features. Some features are:

  • Autosave with customizable options and inhibits
  • Download/upload PMDG panelstate automatically
  • Download/upload FS saved flights based on aircraft tail number
  • Send PIREP to GCVA
  • FS9 and FSX compatible
  • Able to recover from software (or piloting) malfunctions with no loss of features or capabilities (with autosave turned on)
  • And more...
Go to Pilots->Downloads to download the installer. Send questions to gcp@globecargova.org or post on the forum. Enjoy!


DHL Flights

Globe Cargo is pleased to announce the official opening of our new DHL division.

The flights will be operated just like Atlas Air charters. Go to Flight Operations->DHL Internation->Select Flights to sign up for a DHL flight.

DHL flights are just an "expansion" to Globe Cargo. The division is not intended to be a stand alone VA or compete with other DHL VA's. At least 1 Polar flight is still required to be bid on and flown per month.

We are currently operating the 727-200 and ATR 72 for DHL and there is potential for expansion with more equipment types. Though we accept flights using Captain Sim's 727 we highly recommend the DreamFleet 727. For the ATR, Aerosoft and Flight 1 are accepted however the Flight 1 ATR is the product of choice as the Aerosoft ATR is far inferior to the Flight 1 product.

FSACARs users please go to the downloads page and download DHX.ini and place in your main FSACARs folder prior to operating a DHL flight. FSFK users don't require any special instructions to operate DHL flights.

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Globe Cargo Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline. GCVA does not participate in commercial activity of any kind nor do we operate aircraft. This non-profit group was established solely for the entertainment of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series software. Contact us here for further inquiries.