Polar Atlas Titan
Enrolled Students
Student Course Enrollment date
Drew Swanfeldt VATSIM P2 2017-06-20
Jorge Rodriguez VATSIM P2 2017-08-09
Louis Sanson VATSIM P1 2016-06-25
Mike Madery VATSIM P1 2015-02-06
Mike Madery VATSIM P2 2015-02-13
P1 Certificates issued: 4
P2 Certificates issued: 3
Written exams passed/attempted: 13/14
Practical exams passed/attempted: 7/7
Globe Cargo Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline. GCVA does not participate in commercial activity of any kind nor do we operate aircraft. This non-profit group was established solely for the entertainment of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series software. Contact us here for further inquiries.